Since 2016 we have been helping people to grow their Instagram page thanks to cutting-edge and always updated tools to provide the best experience and guaranteed results.



Top-Followers uses third party advertising software and partners trought indirect socialnetwork advertising channel. The customer aware of this, assumes full responsibility for the purchase of these services, therefore Top-Followers is not responsible for any disservice that may be caused by any changes made by the official socialnetwork channels.


These programs including marketing services for various social platforms from third parties and not from direct official channels. The service is fully supplied at the time when this is visible on the relevant platforms. Not responsible for any subsequent removals and / or changes made by the owners of social networks and therefore we can not accept any request for recovery and / or refund.
The order is usually taken with within 48 hours, but in case of impediments in sending our services, we ask for up to 10 days before requesting a refund.
Service stay guarantee is 30 days.
The calculation of the loss services is made on mathematical formulas that attest that the loss is on our part. The loss must be demonstrated mathematically. Presuppositions, opinions or groundless accusations are not accepted.
Flexibility: even if not of our origin, we restore lost services that fall within the Start / End range of our services, in the warranty period.

Example of a guarantee granted:
• Social network start count: 100; Our service: + 1000; End service 1100; After a while in the warrantly period ,count result: 800; Recovery of 300 ACCEPTED (200 are mathematically ours, 100 are restored for our flexibility conditions).
• Social network start count: 100; Our service: + 1000; End service 1100; After a while in the warrantly period ,count result: 1200; Any restore request is DENIED.
• Social network start count: 1000; Our service: + 1000; End service 2000; After a while in the warrantly period ,count result: 500; Recovery of 500 ACCEPTED PARTIALLY since 500 lost are mathematically ours, others may not be ours.
• Social network start count: 2000; Our service: + 1000; End service 3000; After a while in the warrantly period ,count result: 600; Any restore request is DENIED because the loss could be in the number of the initial count.


The refunds may be required if:
• Within 10 days, the services purchased were never processed.

The refunds can’t be required if:
• As in Legislative Decree art. 53 21/2014 refunds may not be required after online service delivery.
• Any modification / update made by the socialnetwork that may damage the services received by us, as the customer has accepted the paragraph of the responsibility.

Have you purchased the same services before, together or after us? Read here carefully:

• There is nothing more wrong than buying our services at the same time as another seller. This creates confusion and possible non-ours disservices could be accused to us unjustly. In this case, we deny any accusation against us and we will only solve what is within the limits of our guarantee.
• You have bought from another seller before us, but now you notice losses in our services. Here too, unjustified accusations may come to us, but if the loss enters the limits of our guarantee, we will solve any problem equally.
• You bought from us but then you decided to change seller. Any future assistance should be directed to your new seller. We only adjust what is within the limits of our guarantee. Any accusation against us is denied.


• After the warranty, do you remove your services? - Absolutely not, we do not make any changes to the services already sent.
• I purchased your service but I don't see results. When it starts? - Some services don't start immediately after payment, but starting from a random time within 24h.
• I bought before you / I'm buying / I bought after you, the same services to another seller. Now I have some disservices and we hold you responsible. - Sometimes we receive this kind of accusation ... If the customer has purchased before, during or after us, we don't care. We only adjust what is within the limits of our guarantee.


It is our pleasure to make sure that our services are always working fine, so we are always looking for improvements and willing to accept reports and recommendations from users. For information, advice, recommendations and / or assistance, refer to the e-mail